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Many of our customers start with a single component and as we progress through the project they come back to us for one or more components that complete the packaging requirements for the project.

There are a few reasons for this, we've gained their trust by being responsive, we keep up ongoing communication with updates as the project progresses and our attentive customer service. For smaller projects it's the fact that we are willing to work with them as they grow the business and offer short runs that fit their budget and needs.

We believe it is because of our approach, that each customer is important regardless of size, the fact that we use a consultative, soft sell approach with the goal of solving each customers packaging challenge to complete customer satisfaction, along with the desire to become your packaging partner by building a trusted long term relationship, working through the inevitable challenges that occur in custom packaging and being in for the long haul to support your needs.

Bottom line is, we do a great job, provide quality packaging at a competitive price, provide you with great customer service and we are there for you when you contact us.

Custom Rigid Boxes


Our Custom Rigid Boxes are extremely high quality. If you need a package that radiates high end luxury for your products and customer experience, we can help you to achieve that goal.

We hand make all our Rigid Boxes right here in Southern California with the greatest attention to detailed quality workmanship.


Common Rigid Box Styles

  • Hinged Lid Magnetic Closure

  • Two Piece Partial Telescoping

  • Two Piece Full Telescoping

  • Tray and Sleeve

  • Drawer

  • Shoulder

  • For Custom Designs – contact us


Working alongside you, we will design your package to achieve the result that meets your vision and budget to provide you a beautiful box you will be proud to send to your customers.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

Folding Chip Board


in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Our capabilities include CMYK or Pantone color printing, embossing/debossing, hot foil stamping, Spot UV, Satin, Gloss, Soft Touch and Full UV finishing and die cut or glued in windows to show your product in the package.


Common Folding Chip Board Box Styles

STE | Same side Tuck End

RTE | Reverse Tuck End

TTABTM | Tuck Top Auto Bottom

RETT | Rolled End Tuck Top

RTE with Hang Panel | Reverse Side Tuck End

Custom Dispenser Box

Match Box - Tray and Sleeve


For Custom Designs – CONTACT US


Got an idea or a new product and need packaging. Send us your product and we can produce structural and printed mock ups to give your vision a physical sample that you can touch or show to executives, take to trade shows or give to your salespeople to go out and presell the product prior to going to production.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation.


Corrugated boxes are primarily used for shipping boxes or if you have a heavy or breakable product you need to protect.

We can make custom inserts to hold your product in place and can print on both direct or litho label on the inside and outside of the boxes.

Common Corrugated Box Styles

RSC | Regular Slotted Carton

HSC | Half Slotted Carton

AFM | All Flaps Meet

FOL | Full Overlap

DST | Design Style Tray

RETT | Roll End Tuck Top

Five Panel Folder

STE | Same side Tuck End

TTABTM | Tuck top Auto Bottom

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

RTE | Reverse Tuck End


For Custom Designs – CONTACT US


We have factories on the West and East Coasts to help you regardless of your location.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation.


Vape Packaging in Los Angeles

LA Custom Packaging has specialized in helping the Cannabis and e-Juice Industries for the past six years with custom CBD, Tincture and countertop display boxes for e-juice, cartridges, battery and disposable pens, shatter and other products.

We make retail folding chipboard boxes for several cannabis and e-juice and have done awesome looking rigid boxes for box mods and gift boxes for some of the biggest names in the industry.

We can help you brand your products to drive sales. Look at our Vape Packaging picture gallery to see samples of our work.

Common Cannabis & Vape Box Styles

STE | Same side Tuck End

RTE | Reverse Tuck End

TTABTM | Tuck Top Auto Bottom

RETT | Rolled End Tuck Top

RTE with Hang Panel | Reverse Side Tuck End

Custom Dispenser Box

Match Box - Tray and Sleeve


Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

Foam vape packaging


Since 1990, our foam partner has been building a reputation of dependability, reliability and ingenuity for the Southern California marketplace. Based in Southern California, our custom foam shop provides the tools, technology and customer service required to serve all our customers.


With our willingness to assemble, warehouse and split deliver any order gives us a unique approach to meeting the demands of our customers.

Thermoformed Plastic




Founded 30 years ago our plant and has grown to one of the largest thermoforming companies in the West. With operations in Southern California gives us the ability to service customers easily in the Western Region.


Our 14 thermoforming machines are designed for producing small and large quantities of small and large blisters, clamshells, display trays and industrial trays.

all your packaging needs... solved here!

Here at LA Custom Packaging, we want to be your single point of contact for all your custom packaging needs. As you can see from the above list we offer a large selection of packaging and can help you with a single component or a complete set of packaging from boxes to package inserts (thermoform trays, die cut board and foam sets), to retail packaging (boxes, counter displays) and shipping cartons

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