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Vape, E-Liquid & E-Juice Packaging

Vaping Packaging in Los Angeles

LA Custom Packaging has specialized in helping the Vape and e-Juice Industries for the past six years with custom product and countertop display, and shipping boxes for e-juice, cartridges, battery and disposable pens, and other products.

We make retail folding chipboard boxes for several e-juice and have done awesome looking rigid boxes for box mods and gift boxes for some of the biggest names in the industry.

We can help you brand your products to drive sales. Look at our Vape Packaging picture gallery to see samples of our work.

Common Cannabis & Vape Box Styles:

STE | Same side Tuck End

RTE | Reverse Tuck End

TTABTM | Tuck Top Auto Bottom

RETT | Rolled End Tuck Top

RTE with Hang Panel | Reverse Side Tuck End

Custom Dispenser Box

Match Box - Tray and Sleeve


Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

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