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Corrugated boxes are primarily used for shipping boxes or if you have a heavy or breakable product you need to protect.

We can make custom inserts to hold your product in place and can print on both direct or litho label on the inside and outside of the boxes.

Common Corrugated Box Styles

RSC | Regular Slotted Carton

HSC | Half Slotted Carton

AFM | All Flaps Meet

FOL | Full Overlap

DST | Design Style Tray

RETT | Roll End Tuck Top

Five Panel Folder

STE | Same side Tuck End

TTABTM | Tuck top Auto Bottom

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

RTE | Reverse Tuck End


For Custom Designs – CONTACT US


We have factories on the West and East Coasts to help you regardless of your location.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

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